Our wish a reality thanks to Claire


I have had the experience of working with Claire Carver, directly. Sorry but it is a long story.

My wife and I have intermittently been searching for a home (with property bigger than a postage stamp) in the Newry, Maine area (Sunday River) for over thirty years. We have had multiple real estate agents represent us over that period. In all that time, we never really felt compelled to actually close on the purchase. There always seemed to be some type of problem that stalled our efforts.

Then, in the Spring of 2011, we had the pleasure of meeting Claire Carver in the Mahoussuc Realty Sales office. Just by chance, mind you. Immediately, Claire made us feel welcome and comfortable in discussing our long and bumpy road to finding the vacation home of our dreams, in her community. Right away, I knew I met a person that could help us make our wish a reality. Within 30 minutes, Claire had me convinced that we wanted (and needed) a buyer broker. (I found this very tough to swallow initially, because I know what I want, and I didn’t think I needed someone to represent that for me.) However, 5 or so house viewings and about two weeks later, my wife and I decided that Claire would be the right buyer broker for us.

Claire worked tirelessly over the next 9 months. We looked a countless homes from run-down shacks to houses we would never consider affording. I think Claire gave us just the right mix of properies to help determine exactly what we were looking for. (My wife and I never agree on any of the big purchases.)

Finally, just before Christmas 2011, Claire called with the words we were waiting for. She said, “I think I found your house.” It was the first time Claire sounded emphathic.

I would have never said it would have been possible in the beginning but, Claire got to know us and she did know (even better than my wife and I) what we were really looking for. This was the first time in >30 years of searching that both my wife and I agreed immediately, that this was exactly what we wanted.

Go figure, we had to to hire a local Maine realtor to figure out just what we really wanted.

Local is a good attribute for a realtor. Claire is familiar with the location, the town offices, the local customs and annual activities and she seems to know everyone in town.

During the negortations for the actual puchase, Claire represented us as if we were family. She worked every angle and found us every advantage. We found good recommendations for next steps and great improvement recommendations.

Our Realtor worked with the local tradespeople to get quick and accurate inspections and reiviews, where to look for local support and which tradespeople to stay away from.

The closing could have collapsed had Claire not been there. We ran into a situation with the legal papers. (Our morgage company did not have an important form completed or included with out package.) Claire was the one that noticed the specific form (one of about 50) was missing from the package. Not sure how or why she noticed but, I found out later that our sale could not be finalized without it.

I really can not say enough good about the support we received from Claire Carver.

Needless to say, we are the proud owners of a most beautiful home in an area we thought was beyond our reach.