A trusted resource – Claire


If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, the very best thing you can do is call Claire Carver at Mahoosuc Realty in Bethel, Maine as your first and best strategy. I recently had the privilege of walking into Claire’s office, unannounced, and set upon a wonderful journey of finding the absolute gem I ended up buying. I wanted one-of-a-kind; I am, by nature, so organized that it verges on demanding; and, I wanted a stress free purchasing experience. I got all with Claire. First, she was willing to show me listings that she knew I probably wasn’t going to buy (she sized me up quickly and rightly) so that I understood the market. Next, she matched all my queries with superb information both for what I needed and that I might have future need for. And, from offer through closing, she was a profoundly trusted resource. If your next home is your dream home, no matter the size or ilk, contact Claire. Her calm demeanor and truly exceptional real estate skill set will make a buy or sell a terrific experience.