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Call Claire Carver!!

If you are in the market for property in the Bethel area, call Claire Carver!! Claire helped us find our perfect vacation home for the perfect price, stuck with us every step of the way and is still available to give advice and referrals even now that we have closed. If you want someone who has integrity, an incredible knowledge of the area and of the real estate market, who always responds quickly and efficiently and always has YOUR best interests at heart, Claire is your agent!

, Bethel

Amazing Customer Service!

Rebecca is amazingly delightful to work with. Her professionalism and kind consideration has made me feel like I was in great hands with all of my business needs. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Mahoosuc Realty, with Rebecca and the team.

, Royal River Graphics, Bethel, Maine

Rebecca is incredibly organized and professional

Rebecca Hastings was very helpful when processing the paperwork for our house purchase. She was easy to contact, quick to respond, and her organization kept the process stress-free. Thank you!

, Maine

Cindy Hiebert is very knowledgeable of real estate and rentals

Cindy is very knowledgeable with both the sales and rental markets in the Sunday River area. Renting my home out could not be easier. Cindy is always available and responsive to questions or concerns. I would highly recommend her as an agent if you are looking to buy, sell, or rent in the Bethel area.

, MA

Highly recommend Joyce

We just closed on our home after being represented by Joyce Pereira. My family will always be thankful for her hard work and calming advice when we hit the bumps that always happen during the process.
To say that we recommend Joyce as an agent would be an understatement. I knew that there was only one agent that we could trust to guide is through the process and she did not disappoint.

, Maine

Mahoosuc Realty

Our family has had a great experience and still do with Mahoosuc Reality. I highly recommend them to everyone. Great team work, always on time for showings, personable , not pushy. They know the area well.

, ME

Highly recommend Cindy

Cindy was very attentive to our needs in finding a suitable place to buy in the Bethel area. She showed us several potential properties, was not pushy, and acted in a calm and professional manner. Once we had decided upon a property to buy, she was forthcoming with information on a local housing inspector and closing attorney, both of whom met or exceeded expectations. The whole process went smoothly. I would recommend Cindy for your real estate needs.

Highly likely to recommend Cindy

Responded emails quickly, answered all necessary questions and dates. Very friendly and professional and I would recommend her to anyone who needs the assistant of a realtor.

, Florida

Highly likely to recommend Cindy

Highly likely to recommend

Purchased a home in 2011 in Bethel, ME 04217.

great broker, went above and beyond with our home purchase. We are tremendously happy!

, MA

Highly likely to recommend Cindy

My wife Lisa and I recently worked with Cindy to purchase a second home in Bethel ME. Throughout the entire sales cycle, Cindy was very responsive to our questions and concerns. Being from Bethel, Cindy is very knowledgeable of the Sunday River surrounding area and was able to provide us with a ton of valuable insight regarding recent comparable sales, neighborhood information, potential rental opportunity, and just general information about the area. During one of our first meetings with her, we had car trouble while looking at houses. Cindy had a mechanic on the phone with us in 2 minutes on a Saturday to help us. She is well connected in the town and as this is a second home for us, it makes us comfortable that we can already reach out if we need help with something. She and her team at Mahoosuc Realty understand what people who are buying 2nd homes care about and that is invaluable. I’d recommend Cindy and team highly.

Claire Carver - Detail Oriented

I don’t think I could possibly have found a better real estate agent for our family camp. Even though it wasn’t worth much, I believe Claire treated me the same as she would have treated a million-dollar customer. I live out of state and had no contacts to speak of in the area. What impressed me most about Claire was her communications skills. We communicated mostly by email, and she was always responsive, always on top of things. And she always knew the answers to my questions. Since she is very experienced and has lived in the area while, she knew good people who could perform repairs on the camp — and I always felt confidence in them because I had confidence in Claire. With Claire, I felt completely taken care of. She is very detail-oriented. So am I, so that’s saying a lot about her. The closing went off without a hitch. I recommend her ultra highly!

, Florida

Claire is a Proactive Agent

Claire is an extremely intelligent and proactive agent. She also has integrity. She is on top of all issues and most importantly, she will respond to your inquiries immediately. She is a local resident with an excellent knowledge of the area and all aspects of real estate transactions. I bought my first home (condo) and I really felt secure knowing that Claire was on my side. She helped me through every aspect of the process and answered all of my questions. She would be my first choice for any real estate transaction!

, Bethel

A trusted resource - Claire

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, the very best thing you can do is call Claire Carver at Mahoosuc Realty in Bethel, Maine as your first and best strategy. I recently had the privilege of walking into Claire’s office, unannounced, and set upon a wonderful journey of finding the absolute gem I ended up buying. I wanted one-of-a-kind; I am, by nature, so organized that it verges on demanding; and, I wanted a stress free purchasing experience. I got all with Claire. First, she was willing to show me listings that she knew I probably wasn’t going to buy (she sized me up quickly and rightly) so that I understood the market. Next, she matched all my queries with superb information both for what I needed and that I might have future need for. And, from offer through closing, she was a profoundly trusted resource. If your next home is your dream home, no matter the size or ilk, contact Claire. Her calm demeanor and truly exceptional real estate skill set will make a buy or sell a terrific experience.

, MA

Recommended services - Claire

Claire was a great help to us when we purchased our property in 2006, and again most recently this year in the process to sell a property. I will continue to utilize Claire’s services in Bethel in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the area.

, Gray, ME

Respect and patience - Claire

I was a first time home buyer and Claire treated me with respect and great patience. It took me over a year to locate a home that was the best fit for my family and budget. We looked at over 50 homes in many different areas. Although some of these homes were not in her immediate selling area she either went out of her way to get me there to show them to me or made arrangements through the selling agent to show them to me. She was there with me every step of the way, from ruling out homes to finally finding an inspector to inspect the home that I finally choose and was there with me when I signed the papers. At the end of it all she even left a beautiful “Welcome Home” gift basket for me in my new home. I am grateful to her for her knowledgeable expertise and experience.

, Oxford, ME

Tricky business - Claire

Claire Carver handled a tricky real estate purchase for us. She was very responsive to all our questions, and was able to secure the property for us quickly despite several rounds of negotiations. As buyers, we were very pleased with her ability to get the deal done and promptly. We would definitely recommend Claire Carver to anyone interested in purchasing or buying real estate in the Sunday River area.

, Ketchum, ME

Claire went Above and beyond

During the time I was looking to purchase a house, Claire became part of my family. She found the perfect house, and helped me make a deal that would accommodate my needs. She went above and beyond!

, Bethel, ME

Our wish a reality thanks to Claire

I have had the experience of working with Claire Carver, directly. Sorry but it is a long story.

My wife and I have intermittently been searching for a home (with property bigger than a postage stamp) in the Newry, Maine area (Sunday River) for over thirty years. We have had multiple real estate agents represent us over that period. In all that time, we never really felt compelled to actually close on the purchase. There always seemed to be some type of problem that stalled our efforts.

Then, in the Spring of 2011, we had the pleasure of meeting Claire Carver in the Mahoussuc Realty Sales office. Just by chance, mind you. Immediately, Claire made us feel welcome and comfortable in discussing our long and bumpy road to finding the vacation home of our dreams, in her community. Right away, I knew I met a person that could help us make our wish a reality. Within 30 minutes, Claire had me convinced that we wanted (and needed) a buyer broker. (I found this very tough to swallow initially, because I know what I want, and I didn’t think I needed someone to represent that for me.) However, 5 or so house viewings and about two weeks later, my wife and I decided that Claire would be the right buyer broker for us.

Claire worked tirelessly over the next 9 months. We looked a countless homes from run-down shacks to houses we would never consider affording. I think Claire gave us just the right mix of properies to help determine exactly what we were looking for. (My wife and I never agree on any of the big purchases.)

Finally, just before Christmas 2011, Claire called with the words we were waiting for. She said, “I think I found your house.” It was the first time Claire sounded emphathic.

I would have never said it would have been possible in the beginning but, Claire got to know us and she did know (even better than my wife and I) what we were really looking for. This was the first time in >30 years of searching that both my wife and I agreed immediately, that this was exactly what we wanted.

Go figure, we had to to hire a local Maine realtor to figure out just what we really wanted.

Local is a good attribute for a realtor. Claire is familiar with the location, the town offices, the local customs and annual activities and she seems to know everyone in town.

During the negortations for the actual puchase, Claire represented us as if we were family. She worked every angle and found us every advantage. We found good recommendations for next steps and great improvement recommendations.

Our Realtor worked with the local tradespeople to get quick and accurate inspections and reiviews, where to look for local support and which tradespeople to stay away from.

The closing could have collapsed had Claire not been there. We ran into a situation with the legal papers. (Our morgage company did not have an important form completed or included with out package.) Claire was the one that noticed the specific form (one of about 50) was missing from the package. Not sure how or why she noticed but, I found out later that our sale could not be finalized without it.

I really can not say enough good about the support we received from Claire Carver.

Needless to say, we are the proud owners of a most beautiful home in an area we thought was beyond our reach.

, MA